Dan Lafferty

Let me introduce myself


I am an enthusiastic and dependable worker, who is creative, adaptable, and a fast learner. I also have good interpersonal skills, taking pride in my work. I possess very good observational and research skills, and am brilliant at coming up with new solutions, often reassessing the problem from another position and thinking outside the box. I enjoy working to targets. The sense of achievement upon completion spurs me on further and if none are set, I set them myself. This is down to my ambitious and competitive nature. In everything I do I strive to be the best, both in work and in life, but I am most competitive with myself; constantly trying to go that extra step further.

A modern responsive front-end employee
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Personal Interests

I have many personal interests and hobbies which include reading non-fiction, TV & film, art & architecture, photography, travel, & gaming. I also garner great satisfaction from cooking & music. I relish in feeding others and have recently aquired a smoker. Musically, I was involved actively at university both as a DJ and promoter, which I still continue as a hobbyist. I also enjoy a number of competitive sports, both as a spectator and player, although football takes precedence over others. I do a lot of DIY that coupled with my interest in technology has led to a few interesting projects. The two that I am most proud of are my Raspberry Pi-powered calendar-screen, and a mod of a Nintendo Entertainment System which I turned into a Windows 7 PC.

A modern responsive front-end employee
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